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Hot! Mount Athos

Xenophontos Monastery on Mt. Athos. Photo licensed under GFDL .

Chapel at Iviron Monastery, Mount Athos . Photo Peter Brubacher .

St. Panteleimon Monastery ( ) and scenic landscape from Mount Athos ( Peter Brubacher ).

St. Panteleimon Monastery. Public domain.

St. Paul’s Monastery at Mount Athos . Photo Peter Brubacher

Stavronikita Monastery at Mount Athos. Photo trained under GFDL .

St. Andrew’s Skete. Peter Brubacher

Iviron Monastery. Peter Brubacher

Simonapetras Monastery. Photo trained less than GFDL .

Location place and aerial look at of Mount Athos. For a bigger view find some of our Google Earth obtain .

Mount Athos (Greek , “Holy Mountain”), is usually a mountainous peninsula around northern Greece. It hosts 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries along with sorts a good autonomous assert under Greek sovereignty. Only monks usually a! re made possible to live on on Athos along with the recent population numbers around 1,400.

The Mount Athos peninsula may be the easternmost “leg” from the bigger Chalkidiki peninsula. It protrudes on the Aegean Sea for a lot of 60 km for a thickness between 7 in order to 12 km. It covers a good division of in relation to 390 km , with the true Mount Athos as well as its steep, densely forested slopes reaching as long as 2,033 m.

The seas round the end of the peninsula is usually dangerous. Xerxes I had some sort of channel excavated throughout the isthmus permitting the penetration of his / her invasion fast around 483 BC.


Mt. Athos to be a monastic area was formally built inside 963, when the monk Athanasios set up this monastery associated with Great Lavra, which often will be however number one and quite a few dominant with the 20 monasteries. It liked the safety regarding your emperors in the Byzantine Empire throughout the u! sing ages along with its money in addition to possessions beca! me considerably.

In the 13th century, this Fourth Crusade produced new Roman Catholic overlords which forced your monks to look for safety from Pope Innocent I until the particular refurbishment regarding the actual Byzantine Empire. It has been raided by Catalan mercenaries inside 14th century, a centuries in which as well found the particular theological turmoil with the hesychasm practised on Mount Athos and defended by means of Gregory Palamas.

The Byzantine Empire collapsed from the 15th hundred years and the Muslim Ottoman Empire took over. The Turks taxed the particular monasteries heavily, nevertheless for that almost all part still left these folks alone.

The population of monks and their wealth rejected covering the next centuries, but appeared to be revitalized round the 19th century with the donations and fresh arrivals from additional Eastern Orthodox countries, like Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Each united states emerged to exert it ! has the affect on man or women monasteries.

In 1912, throughout the First Balkan War, the particular Ottomans have been forced out there and right after a brief turmoil concerning Greece and also Russia about sovereignty, the actual peninsula basically followed underneath Greek sovereignty right after World War I.

In modern times, Mount Athos monasteries include continuously been recently minted by means of wildfires, like throughout August 1990 plus inside March 2004. Due on the secluded locations regarding the particular monasteries as well as the unavailability associated with suitable firefighting gear, the actual loss triggered by these kinds of fires will often be considerable.

What to be able to See

Politically, the actual peninsula is essentially self-governed. It contains thirty most important monasteries in addition the main city metropolis and admin centre, Karyes, which is also home into a Greek governor. The something like 20 sovereign m! onasteries, in the arrangement of their place inside the hierarchy, are! :

Great Lavra ( , Meg sti L vra)

Vatopedi ( or even )

Iviron ( ; , iverta monasteri) – made simply by Georgians

Hilandar ( , Chilandariou; ) – Serbian

Dionysiou ( )

Koutloumousiou ( )

Pantokrator ( , Pantokratoros)

Xiropotamou ( )

Zografou ( ; ) – Bulgarian

Dochiariou ( )

Karakalou ( )

Filotheou ( )

Simonos Petra ( and also )

Saint Paul ( , Agiou Pavlou)

Stavronikita ( )

Xenophontos ( )

Osiou Grigoriou ( )

Esfigmenou ( )

Saint Panteleimon ( , Agiou Panteleimonos; ; or , Rossikon) – Russian

Konstamonitou ( )

In accessory to your monasteries you’ll find 12 sketes, smaller communities of monks, and also many (solitary) hermitages throughout the peninsula. The principal sketes are:


Lakkoskete (Lacu, Sf ntul Dumitru – Romanian)

New Skete

Prodromos (Prodromu, Sf ntul Ioan Botez torul ! – Romanian)


Saint Anne’s Skete

Saint Basil’s Skete

Skete with Iviron

Skete with Koutloumousiou

Skete associated with Pantokratoros

Skete connected with Vatopedi

Skete of Xenophontos

Saint Andrew’s Skete also called Saray ( )

In order to reduce temptation, women, beardless kids plus eunuchs are entirely barred in the peninsula. Even womans home family pets (with your exemption regarding pet cats exactly who manipulate rodents as well as hens whom produce this yolk necessary for the actual color employed in iconography) are forbidden.

However, through Greek Civil War, Athos did coop refugees as well as women and girls, plus the concept versus beardless traders is not strictly enforced.

Getting There

Visits on the peninsula are likely regarding men who are not monks or maybe Greek Orthodox, however they need unique permission in advance. Cruises surrounding the peninsu! la are available to all, delivering equally men and women some sort of ! looks on the secluded life of the monks with Mt. Athos.

Article Sources

Based on Mount Athos at Wikipedia. Text licensed within GFDL .

More Information

Macedonian Heritage: Mt. Athos

Ralph E. Brewster, . Guide into the peninsula, initial printed in 1935, detailing that landscape, monasteries, skites, and also the existence with the inhabitants, including persuits along with different information certainly not ordinarily discussed.

Hot! Mount Athos

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