Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hot! John Kennedy Jr

!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> John Kennedy Jr . Events of July 17-23, 1999 Planes of Existence - Saturday - July 17, 1999 John Kennedy's plane Astrology Charts for JFK Jr.on the particular eventful day!!When we talk about this 'cycles connected with time' - that hottest traumatic events while in the Kennedy spouse and children occurs included in a new thirty year cycle. Thirty years ago - this particular end of the week John Kennedy's uncle - Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) plunged off a link on Chappaquiddick Island in close proximity to Martha's Vineyard. His passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, died.

The year ended up being 1969. The energies have been effective which summer.

Neil Armstrong moved lower within the moon at 2 am about July 20th.

It rained eighteen consecutive days to weeks this summer - in that , moment frame.

Woodstock happened.

I observed an 'eternal flame'. Princess Diana watches around the actual souls on this planet Mother Teresa however manuals through yet another levelThose who seem to perished along with John Kennedy Jr . in addition to Princess Diana - have chosen to help you these people within this work. These judgements ended up created before the souls came on the physical.Is now there a new synchronicity between: The loss of life regarding John Jr. plus his or her family members transpiring inside Atlantic Ocean - 3 years on the day of which Flight eight hundred crashed in the Atlantic over shores of Long Island The incidents at Chappaquiddick (30 several years ago) - Atlantic Experiments started off throughout Princeton University last 1939 (60 calendar year loop) supposedly by means of Tesla and also Einstein which often afterwards led to this Philadelphia Experiment- (a dispatch grew to become invisible in the Atlantic waters - in the vicinity of Pa. harbor) - August 12, 1943. August 12, 1999 - backlinks with the solar eclipse and also the Solar Cross. Rips inside space/time continuum created by scientists during WW II - that I find out initiated in 1939 as I had been there. A hyperlink with Montauk, Long Island wherever various other WW II occasion travel experiments in addition to room anomalies developed opening places to additional realities. The joining energies regarding Atlantis along with all realities back again directly into 'one' at this time I believe you will find there's network - but the answers are located in a actuality we could definitely not make use of yet. Remember this continue quick most people changed realities. Things are generally definitely not because they were being ahead of July 4th. Monday July 19, 1999 - Conspiracy Theories and JFK Jr.'s loss of life Tuesday - July 20, 1999Thursday - July 22, 1999 As I watch your 'burial at sea' . . . the item claims in my experience "A give back of that souls in order to the actual collective unconsciousness'! It connects using my '3 into 1' idea - 3 or more souls today gain for you to 1 - the actual Oneness regarding Source!! Somehow I really feel Atlantean souls coming back 'home' during a period when you are generally merging by using Atlantis! Again that design seems inside newest plants formation. Again the actual formation buttons by using creation! John Kennedy gifted a dialog around 1962 saying that we are invested to the sea. "We come from the sea and many of us visit back to they sea. At that point most of us go back through whence most people came."Friday - July 23, 1999 A location raises the bar in one among its beloved citizens "John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. - you will have recently been a very good 'soul presence' to the planet. Monday July 26, 1999 Tuesday - July 27, 1999 Another Kennedy Visitor Saturday - August 7, 1999 Jackie puts a stop to by means of . . . August 8, 1999 - Another visit from John Jr. John and the like within that nation and also higher realms proved helpful to help you the souls 'over'. What that they have is usually a type of Gatekeeping PERSONAL UPDATES ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ALL FILES CRYSTALINKS MAIN PAGE

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