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Hot! Cotto Vs Margarito 2

by Scott Christ on Dec 4, 2011 8:58 PM EST inside Boxing Results in addition to Post-Fight Analysis

Last night's HBO pay-per-view arrived damn near living as long as the particular massive nonsense associated with posting rich four-fight card associated with can't-miss fights, with several from the three times offering excitement, blood, drama, in addition to hard-hitting action.

So what was that fight with the night?

The best survive reaction, obviously, ended up being in the main event, when Miguel Cotto's Puerto Rican army of admirers were blowing this covering away from Madison Square Garden while Cotto battered Antonio Margarito's eye, turning this as well as stopping the villain right after nine rounds with largely one-sided action.

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But exactly how regarding ? Those two possessed an extraordinary conflict regarding attrition, using Murray interacting with Rios head-on inside earlier rounds ahead of "Bam Bam" became an additional the wind and started off ending up uppercut once uppercut, bloodying Murray in addition to pounding out there a stoppage win in the 11th round.

How with regards to Pawel Wolak along with Delvin Rodriguez ? The hard-charging Pole and also the sharp-punching Dominican wear yet another strong fight, that unquestionably would not evaluate with their ultra-dramatic July Fight belonging to the Year contender, however had been a new arduous test for together and also a hard-earned succeed with regard to Rodriguez?

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Hopefully about TV it served all of them better.

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Me too

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