Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hot! Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department with Pharmacology & Toxicology

Education/Training: Ph.D.: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2000) Postdoctoral Fellowship: University involving California at Los Angeles, CA, USA (2003) Scientific Associate: Toronto Western Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2007)

CRMPs, book regulators connected with calcium homeostasis in wellbeing in addition to disease.

My laboratory is definitely trying to improved recognize the particular molecular and also mechanistic time frame on the functions of ion avenues with people well being and also disease. In particular, my laboratory s research aims in order to analyze principles of synaptic transmission since improper function and also regulation associated with Ca2+ routes along with the proteins of which get a grip of these individuals can contribute for you to epilepsy, migraine, ataxia, along with neurological diseases. Three plans are currently being pursued around my laboratory:

In the 1st project, funded with the American Heart Association National Scientist Development grant, we certainly have centered on grasping this effects connected with collapsin response mediator protein only two (CRMP-2), children portrait associated with proteins interested in neurite outgrowth, guidance, in addition to axonogenesis on voltage-gated calcium (Cav2.2) channels. Our main objective is always to comprehend the particular well-designed effects on this novel connections concerning these kinds of presynaptic Ca2+ stations along with CRMPs on synaptic transmission. As adjusting transmitter generate is essential around shifting neuronal characteristics for the duration of development, learning, ailment states, along with other varieties of human brain plasticity, our own long run scientific tests will verify precisely how this particular interaction might develop studying and memory.

In an additional project, funded because of the Department connected with Defense Neurofibromatosis New Investigator Award, we have been taking care of a novel pathway for Neurofibromatosis style I (NF1), an autosomally major ailments characterised because of the sourcing involving various benign as well as cancerous tumors. People having NF1 normally have finding out disabilities and other cognitive symptoms. Our experiments have got discovered a totally new pathway regarding NF1 signaling. This work of fiction pathway involves an axonal instruction and development protein labeled CRMP-2 which usually has been proven to be able to purpose in neuronal differentiation. The convergence with signaling path ways associated with CRMP-2 and NF1 has determined numerous molecular players, kinases with particular, in which have an impact on neuronal function. Our novel discovery connected with the CRMP-2 Ca2+ sales channel relationships plus the NF1-CRMP-2 interaction most important ones some sort of book regulator of synaptic transmission. Manipulation connected with glutamatergic transmission may thus stand for a specialized avenue for NF1 therapy. Thus, that suggested mapping associated with that NF1 CRMP-2 connections could lead to the recognition regarding peptides able of preventing the modulatory effects of this protein difficult on synaptic transmission.

In another project, we certainly have guided toward defining the way the appearance quantities of CRMP-2 can effect the actual outcomes on the book anticonvulsant narcotic lacosamide upon Na+ channels. Lacosamide is a work of fiction anticonvulsant narcotic this serves in the special approach that will hinder voltage-gated Na+ channels as claimed previous year. Lacosamide possesses accumulated FDA and EEMA authorization pertaining to adjunctive treatment with regard to partial-onset seizures by using as well as with out extra generalization inside individuals with epilepsy as well as being at this point marketed within the United States plus Europe. In preclinical findings reported by simply UCB Pharma, another concentrate on involving activity was determined for this drug. The procedure involving steps connected with lacosamide about this second target the actual collapsin reply mediator protein only two (CRMP-2) continues to be elusive. No scientific studies to see possess tackled the significances regarding this particular possible connections on the primary impact with lacosamide.


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