Monday, December 10, 2012

Hot! Hurricane Categories

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale can be utilized for you to ascertain that general prescriptions with hurricanes that may impact the United States coast. Since this 1990s, simply wind rate continues to be helpful to categorize hurricanes. Category One Hurricane

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 74-95 kilometer after kilometer each hour

Damage Category: Minimal

Approximate Pressure: Above 980 mb

Approximate Storm Surge: 3-5 feet

Examples: Hurricane Lili (2002) within Louisiana; Hurricane Gaston (2004) in South Carolina

Category Two Hurricane

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 96-110 miles each hour

Damage Category: Moderate

Approximate Pressure: 979-965 mb

Approximate Storm Surge: 6-8 feet

Example: Hurricane Isabel (2003) in North Carolina

Category Three Hurricane

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 111-129 miles per hour

Damage Category: Extensive

Approximate Pressure: 964-945 mb

Approximate Storm Surge: 9-12 feet

Examples: Hurricane Katrina (2005) with Louisiana; Hurricane Jeanne (2004) with Florida; Hurricane Ivan (2004) in Alabama

Category Four Hurricane

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 130-156 miles for every hour

Damage Category: Extreme

Approximate Pressure: 944-920 mb

Approximate Storm Surge: 13-18 feet

Example: Hurricane Charley (2004) around Florida; Hurricane Iniki (1992) around Hawaii; this Galveston Hurricane (1900) in Texas

Category Five Hurricane

Maximum Sustained Wind Speed: 157 mile after mile per hour and higher

Damage Category: Catastrophic

Approximate Pressure: Below 920 mb

Approximate Storm Surge: More in comparison with 18 feet

Examples: Only three Category five hurricanes have struck the United States because records began: The Labor Day Hurricane (1935) within the Florida Keyes, Hurricane Camille (1969) nearby the teeth belonging to the Mississippi River, and Hurricane Andrew (1992) in Florida

There is zero Category Six for hurricanes. While some have got suggested such a category, seeing that exclusively three Category Five thunder or wind storms have minted the United States, Category Five will surface for being over adequate.

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