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Hot! Dixville Notch

Dixville Notch is an unincorporated small town with Dixville township involving Coos County, New Hampshire , New Hampshire primary . It can be found in the far north from the state, just about 20 mile after mile (30 km) from Canada .

The hamlet will be called for the Dixville Notch hill pass (or "notch," in Connecticut River 's Androscoggin . The village, situated at about 1,800 paws (550 m) above seaside levels for the base involving remarkable mountains, will be spot regarding golf inside summertime and facts inside the winter.

Dixville Notch is usually part with the Berlin , NH Micropolitan Statistical Area .

Midnight voting tradition

Dixville Notch is best known inside connection having it has the longstanding middle-of-the-night vote in the actual U.S. presidential election, including through the New Hampshire primary (the very first 1960 selection , many your a candidate voters within Dixville Notch gather during night from the ballroom associated with The Balsams. The voters cast their ballots and the polls basically tend to be shut one small later. The effects in the Dixville Notch vote both in your New Hampshire most important and also the final selection are customarily sent out throughout the region instantly afterwards.

A equivalent tradition within the community regarding Hart's Location, New Hampshire commenced in 1948; theirs appeared to be complete from the 1960s in lighting from the abundance associated with media attention, along with enhanced merely within 1996. Informal competition to get the distinction from the initial city in order to report election outcomes continues to be continuous for a number of selection cycles, between quite a few small communities, including:

Coos County :

Dixville Notch

Millsfield (the township into the south regarding Dixville township)

Carroll County (the next towards the southeast):

Hart's Location

(the up coming towards southwest associated with Coos):


Press financial records occasionally state, with out qualification, which Dixville Notch "votes first". The village's traditional electoral disparities add the following:

Longest constant history with midnight voting

Highest count connected with midnight presidential primaries (13 since with 2008, vs. a few to be able to on the lookout for for Hart's Location)

At smallest one of the earliest struggle regarding legal votes (nationwide) around each one presidential campaign's presenting primaries

Often very first to review it's returns

Federal election results 1960 1964 1968 1972 1976 1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 See also References


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