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Hot! Felix Baumgartner Sets High Altitude Skydiving And Free Fall Records

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Felix Baumgartner


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Felix Baumgartner , your 43-year-old Austrian skydiver as well as member belonging to the Red Bull Status project, hopped out of a supplement suspended originating from a 55-story helium balloon around the side connected with the actual stratosphere, with an altitude of 128,100 feet and also 24.261 miles, 40 kilometers far east regarding Roswell, N.M. upon Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 12:08 p.m. MDT.

According for you to media stories publicized by way of BBC News , Chicago Sun-Times , and various world wide sources, Baumgartner arrived on their foot from the remote New Mexican clean lawn in relation to 11 units later.

Pending proof because of the F d ration A ronautique Internationale (FAI), an air sporting activities governing bureau operating out of Lausanne, Switzerland, preliminary records showed that this bounce have established three new world records, which include (1) utmost altitude of 24.261 miles; (2) maximum zero cost fall speed regarding 834.4 mile after mile a great hour, as well as Mach 1.24, stopping the noise hurdle served only by means of gravity; as well as (3) total free of charge fall distance connected with 119,846 feet.

One record the fact that Austrian jumper did not really shatter seemed to be the particular free slip time fixed by his train and mentor, 84-year-old retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger . On August 16, 1960, more than fifty two ages ago, within Project Excelsior, next 32-year-old Col. Kittinger hopped at a helium balloon stopped pills at a height of 102,800 feet, along with was in free drop with regard to five minutes and 36 moments in advance of they opened up his parachute.

While Baumgartner dropped higher, further, as well as faster, his zero cost fall time appeared to be quicker by several 17 seconds, for a full time of several seconds and nineteen seconds, deploying his or her parachute at a great altitude of around 8,200 feet. The Austrian could have continued to be able to show up properly regarding another 20 minutes in advance of publishing his / her chute, nevertheless it ended up being hard intended for him to help confirm his particular altitude from the fogging of his / her head protection visor.

However, one more motorola milestone mobiel phone was set. More compared to 8 million readers viewed the particular on , placing accurate documentation pertaining to "live mode while using most concurrent ideas ever on YouTube."

While the particular facts awaits verification, Baumgartner was elated simply by his / her accomplishment. Real time frame records demonstrates that he broke the actual sound filter in the no cost slip part of his or her plunge back to be able to earth. Nevertheless, he / she remained respectful through the full process.

Standing about the suspended stand earlier than his or her file shattering feat, he said, "I realize the whole world is watching now. I wish you could notice just what I can see. Sometimes you could have to become up definitely high to understand how small anyone are. I'm approaching house now."

It seemed to be a different unique moment from the annals involving aviation history. Exactly 65 several years ago, upon October 14, 1947, check pilot Chuck Yeager started to be the initial person to basically split the seem hurdle throughout an fresh X-1 jet with a strong altitude of 45,000 feet. Yeager concealed that this individual had broken a couple of ribs in the horseback riding crash simply just a short time in advance of his cycle of report flight.

On the same day of which Baumgartner manufactured his or her soar directly into aviation history, retired U.S. Air Force General Chuck Yaeger flew inside back again safety of a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle precisely as it out of cash the audio barrier, a few 30,000 paws on top of California's Mojave Desert, commemorating his earlier record-breaking flight.

It is likely that will anyone else will someday give it a try further along with split Felix Baumgartner 's records. That may be the nature connected with individual striving. Sunday's high altitude jump has additionally provided NASA brand-new data on improving pressure accommodates intended for potential living space exploration.

Baumgartner plans to keep closer to the particular surface though ongoing his or her like with aviation. He hopes to help travel helicopters on huge batch recovery as well as fireplace combating quests while in the U.S. and also Austria.

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