Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot! Rebecca's Breaking Amish Secret A Baby

Walling Mcgarity / TLC

Sabrina, Abe, Rebecca, Jeremiah plus Kate from TLC's " Breaking Amish ."

By Ree Hines, TODAY contributor

TLC's " Breaking Amish ' wrapped upwards with Sunday night's finale well, almost. Just when your finale ended, section one of several " Breaking Amish " special began.

As previously promised, the actual programs drop light source on most of the rumors plus speculations which have been whirling surrounding the Amish and also Mennonite people of the cast.

The major show you of the night? Weeks after a classic photo of Rebecca and Abe (with a then-unknown baby) sparked a host regarding hypotheses within the younger couple, Rebecca arranged a part of the actual record straight: She is in fact a new mom.

"I complete employ a daughter. She?s 19 weeks old," your 20-year-old revealed over the finale. "I wasn?t by using my own ex whenever I found I was pregnant. But I would call the pup in addition to notify him, in addition to he totally denied that ?t had been his. ? I was glad this individual denied it."

But had been your dog right to deny it? While the baby has currently been recently confirmed, the actual individuality from the baby's mother holds a mystery. In fact, much of that speculation concerning the previously mentioned image centered on the theory this Rebecca's now-husband Abe is definitely the father, even though the particular set of two allegedly failed to start out internet dating till this show.

Abe remained mother any time asked for additional details, basically calling the item "a private matter."

But they may be this theme and also other controversies around the actual thrown shall be revisited in part two in the post-season special. It airs Sunday at twelve p.m. with TLC.

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